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Crowdfunding has never been so easy & friendly

Empay is a new generation of crowdfunding: smart, enjoyable and win-win. It’s what real crowdfunding should be like.
David Hanson
Founder of Hanson Robotics, Hong Kong
Сrowdfunding has never been so easy. The collaborative tools on Empay create a shared value to create a better world.
Nick & Marina Davidov
Cherry Labs & Davidovs VC founders, Silicon Valley
Empay is extremely user-friendly crowdfunding with seamless multicurrency (fiat & crypto) integration.
Sergei Sergienko
Founder of Chronobank & Crypto Investor, Australia
Creativity and collaboration will save the world. Crowdfunding with Empay has great potential to unite people around the world.
Robot Sophia
Human-like robot & Saudi Arabian citizen, Hong Kong
Empay has a great collaboration toolset which has genuine revolutionary potential for the crowdfunding market.
Ben Goertzel
Founder of SingularityNet, Hong Kong
Full service for startups and Web 3.0 experince
Strategic marketing & Customer development worldwide
Go-to market strategies, PLG, Product growth & blitzscaling, partnerships
Fundraising & IR consulting
Successful fundraising wrap up, VC & private equity deals & supervision
Product development & advising
Progressive Web|App stacks, Solidity, AI|ML, Dev scaling

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